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Associated Housewrights is comprised of a capable team of residential design-build professionals spanning the disciplines of architecture, interior design, engineering, project management and the skilled building trades.  Highly experienced, well educated, eager to contribute; those on our team provide services to each project as needed via a very supportive and collaborative environment.  Additionally, our longevity in the Madison metro/Dane County market has allowed us to established effective relationships with top notch allied trade subcontractors and vendors to provide comprehensive residential design-build services.


The Housewrights culture reflects and promotes a genuine interest in understanding our clients goals and developing client-centered solutions that promote their interests as well as the interests of the broader community.    So despite being subject to local & national regulatory requirements and adhering to sound fundamental design principles our portfolio, developed over the past 25 years,  lacks redundancy and the staleness of ‘canned’ solutions or styles.  Instead, each project tends to manifest the personality and tastes of the client while reacting sensitively to the existing conditions be they a vacant landscape or an existing house.   The common thread is the curiosity, the open mindedness, the empathy, the energy and the rigor applied to each project.  While applicable to all manor of project the Housewrights’ effectiveness is particularly evident on medium to larger remodel, addition and new home projects for clientele interested in bespoke solutions featuring well conceived building performance specifications and long term value for themselves and their community.


Many projects benefit from the attentions of our entire staff at some point in the process. CLICK on the images below to learn more about current team members.


Matt Speer

Matt Speer, Founder


Brian Evans

Brian Evans, Production Manager


Meri Tepper

Meri Tepper, Architect


Kimberley Dinkins

Kimberley Dinkins, Bookkeeping














Steve Oleson

Steve Oleson, Project Manager














Michael Webster – Project Manager


Jon Augspurger – Project Manager


Tom Lockard

Tom Lockard, Lead Carpenter


Eric Ama

Eric Ama, Lead Carpenter


Jeff Bush

Jeff Bush, Lead Carpenter














Todd Fleming – Carpenter

Charles Brown – Carpenter

Eliott Samuel-Lamm – Carpenter


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